The nature of the job of a Construction Craft Laborer has changed much since the formation of the Laborers’ International Union of North America a century ago, and the Northern California Laborers’ Training Center is committed to keeping pace.

Northern California was the birthplace more than 30 years ago of the concept of a formalized program of training Construction Craft Laborers to ensure they work safely and productively. The training program is funded through an agreement between LIUNA and its signatory contractors in 46 Northern California counties.

Every year, thousands of LIUNA members are trained in a variety of skills and techniques, from asphalt paving to hazardous waste removal. Our sprawling state-of-the-art campus nestled on 300 acres of rolling hills in San Ramon is the envy of the nation.

The instructors at the Laborers’ Training Center are committed to providing the highest quality instruction available in the industry today, and the staff of the Laborers’ Training Center is similarly committed to making the entire training experience a pleasant one.

This guide is intended to provide you with descriptions of the various Laborers’ Training Center course offerings as well as other information to make your learning experience meaningful. The training staff welcomes your ideas and suggestions for improvement. Thank you for your interest in training and best wishes for a long and successful career.




How do I sign up for a class?

Contact your Local Union. They will contact the Training Center and register you for a class.

When are classes scheduled?

Class schedules are published quarterly in the Training News newsletter, which is mailed to all union members in good standing, as well as to signatory contractors. Copies are available at all Local Union halls. The schedule can also be viewed on-line at:

What if I want a class that is not on the schedule?

Contact your Local Union representative. Occasionally special classes are held that are not published on the regular class schedule.

How do I get to the Training Center?

Directions on how to get to the Training Center are contained in this guide, or available on our website at:

What public transportation service is available to Training Center?

Public Transportation service to the Training Center is limited. For information, call (510) 464-7787 or visit the following website:

Is there shuttle service to the Training Center campus?


How much do I get paid for training?

The training stipend is $2 per hour, plus a $5 per day travel allowance if you are not staying on campus.

How often do I get paid when I attend training?

Training stipend checks are issued every week, and are mailed a week after the period covered.

When do I get my training certificate/card?

Some certificates are distributed at the Training Center, and some are distributed by mail or by the Local Union. Ask your instructor or the Training Center staff.

What if I lose my training certificate/card?

Contact the Training Center to arrange for a replacement.

Can I get unemployment benefits while I am in training?

Yes, but you must make your own arrangements to receive benefits.

What happens if I break the rules of the Training Center?

Trainees who fail to follow the rules of the Training Center are subject to dismissal and may be banned from attending future classes at the Training Center.

Is there drug testing at the Training Center?

Yes, for classes one week or longer in duration, and for all Apprenticeship candidates. The drug-testing policies and procedures are outlined in detail at orientation.

When can I stay overnight at the Training Center?

Lodging is limited and provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Lodging is only provided for trainees traveling more than 50 miles from their home to the Training Center. There are laundry facilities on campus.

Are there meals at the Laborers’ Training Center?

Yes, breakfast is served from 6 AM to 6:30 AM, and lunch is served from 11:15 AM to 12:00 PM. Dinner is for overnight guests only, and is served from 4 PM to 4:30 PM Monday through Thursday.

Can I take classes back-to-back?

You must wait 30 days to register for another class, with the exception of classes that are less than one week in duration. You may ask to be placed on the standby list, however, and may be permitted to attend the class if there are openings.

What should I bring to the Training Center?

Bring rugged clothing appropriate to working safely in construction, including sturdy work boots. Tools and materials will be provided while you are on campus.

What do I do if I have special medical needs?

Contact the Laborers’ Training Center staff.

How many per room? Can I get a room by myself?

There are four people per room. Rooms are not co-ed. Because space is limited, you may not request to be placed in a room by yourself.

How much is the travel allowance?

$5 per day.

What if I’m an Apprentice? Do I still get training?

Yes. Training is an integral part of the Apprenticeship Program. Contact the Apprenticeship Program at (925) 556-0858 for details.

What are my Union benefits and hiring hall procedures?

The Laborers’ Training Center provides information on training only. For specific information about benefits due a Union Member in good standing and hall procedures, contact your Local Union Office or the Laborers’ Trust Funds at (800) 244-4530.