Training Center Rules

The “Terence J. O’Sullivan” Laborers’ Training Center has adopted rules of conduct de-signed to ensure a safe and pleasant learning environment for all trainees. Trainees who fail to follow the rules are subject to dismissal and may be banned from attending future classes at the Training Center. All trainees will be given a copy of the rules upon request at registration and will have the rules explained to them during orientation. The following will be grounds for dismissal:

  • Destruction of property or theft
  • Frequent tardiness
  • Use of cell phones in class
  • Sleeping in class
  • Inappropriate work clothes( tennis shoes, short pants, loose fitting pants, tank tops) Endangering others (including other trainees, staff or guests)
  • Possession of or under the influence of liquor or narcotics
  • Possession of weapons of any kind. (Knives, guns or toy guns)
  • Creating a disturbance
  • Absence from class
  • Gambling
  • Failure to follow instructions of Training Center instructors or staff
  • Violation of Training Center rules

Questions should be directed to your Instructor or security officer.
LTC reserves the right to change class schedules, course curriculum and instructors at any time as circumstances warrant.
Important note: During training at LTC, trainees must wear approved construction clothing: work boots, long fitted pants, shirt with minimum 6” sleeves, NIOSH approved safety glasses, hard hat and or any additional personal protective equipment where needed.

Mobile Training Unit

In order to make training more convenient for union members and signatory contractors, the Laborers’ Training Center is now taking reservations for its Mobile Training Unit. The portable classroom can be brought to Local Union offices, construction sites or anywhere else that training for Construction Craft Laborers is needed. Most training classes offered through the Mobile Training Unit are one-day (8-hour) classes. The Laborers’ Training Center provides the instructor(s), course materials and equipment. Certificates for trainees who successfully complete a class offered through the Mobile Training Unit will be mailed to them within two weeks. Trainees must adhere to the rules of the Laborers’ Training Center when attending Mobile Training Unit classes. Contact the Laborers’ Training Center for availability of the Mobile Training Unit.