The Laborers’ Training Center provides Construction Laborers comprehensive quality training emphasizing safety, skills and knowledge to increase their marketability and value to themselves, the Signatory Contractors and the Construction Industry.

Training Benefits

While Attending Courses at the Training Center:

  • There is no cost to the trainee for training at the Training Center.
  • Those trainees who choose to stay on campus for the duration of the course will be provided living quarters. Those trainees must bring their own toiletries and bedding.
  • All trainees will receive lunch.
  • Arrangements with the California Employment Development Department allow you to draw unemployment benefits while training.

Located in the hills west of San Ramon, California (north of the junction of Interstate Highways 680 and 580), the Training Center is the ideal environment for the “hands-on” training of Construction Craft Laborers.

In addition to numerous field training sites, this modern facility consists of a large common building containing a dining area, recreational facilities, lounge, and the Administrative Office. Adjoining the main building are three apartment-like complexes which can accommodate up to sixty-four trainees. Adjacent to the main building are classrooms and a corporation yard.

While attending training, a trainee may choose to stay at the facility or commute. “Live-in” trainees are provided a room which they share with three other trainees. Each person is also provided a locker for storage of their personal items.

All trainees are provided lunch daily. Special consideration has been given to the type of work the trainees perform while enrolled in the program and the menus are designed to be both nutritional and well-balanced.

Trainees provide their own work clothes, boots, and toilet articles. Safety glasses, ear plugs and dust masks are provided free of charge. Trainees must bring their own tool belts and personal tools.

In a continuing effort to provide the trainee with a state-of-the art training facility which offers the most practical and efficient training available, the Training Center completed construction on its new 15,000 square-foot educational building which was dedicated on November 6, 1999.

On April 19, 2002, a dedication was held to rename the Northern California Laborers Training Center after Terence J. O’Sullivan. He was instrumental in establishing the first training program for the Laborers in the United States. This Training Center was first opened in 1966 in Santa Rosa, California. It was subsequently relocated to its present location in San Ramon, California. This facility is the foundation of the widely recognized and highly regarded training network. Currently there are 78 Laborers training facilities across the United States and Canada. Each year these centers train over 86,000 Construction Craft Laborers.